Posted on 14 January 2014

HAIR is certainly the most prominent adornment of the fair sex. Every woman adores having wonderfully healthy hair. Unfortunately, many a lady's desires do not always correspond with harsh realities.

Within the subject of hair of course, one rather harsh state fairly common especially amongst women with long hair are… SPLIT ENDS. Split ends are primarily caused by the frequent use of chemical waves, hair dyes, alkaline soap, hot hair dryers, hair brushing, prolonged exposure to the sun and strong sea winds.

Hairstyles, such as pony tails, backcombing, braiding and any style which requires teasing and hairspraying provokes the fragility of hair strands thus causing split ends.

There are many products that claim to cure split ends, however most of these chemicals only aim to mask the damage. The following are the 7 best remedies for split ends.

  1.  The first remedy there is… is to cut your hair. Make sure to cut above where the damage starts. If you cut in the middle of the damaged hair this will not fix anything because the weakened strands will just continue to split further and further up the hair shaft.
  2. Delay or decrease damage. Use medical restoring shampoos with lecithin, B5 vitamin, extract of a mint and wheat sprouts.
  3. Comb your hair regularly. Use wooden or plastic brushes with large teeth.
  4. Use a leave on conditioner, after every hair wash to further add protection to weakened hair ends.
  5. Avoid hairsprays, blow dryers or any heated styling tools (curling irons and hair straighters) for at least a month or so.
  6. Adapt a healthy hair diet. As the cliche goes, "Beauty comes from inside", thus makes sure the food in your diet has lots of calcium and iron. Eat a lot of green vegetables, seafood and other sources of vitamins and minerals, such as nuts, eggs, diary, carrot, beans. They're not only good for your hair but your whole body as well.
  7. "Treat" your hair. It is not necessary to go to the hairdressing salon every time you want to give your hair a maintenance treatment. Hair masks are a good way to maintain and condition them every now and then. There are many hair masks, which you can make by yourself in the convenience of your own home.
  • One simple and natural method is the Papaya mask. Take a half of a raw papaya. Clear it and remove seeds. Put it in a blender and crush well to a condition of gruel. Add a glass of kefir or plain natural yogurt. Apply the mask generously onto the roots of hair and distribute it evenly along the length, especially on the tips. Keep the mask on for 30 minutes, and then wash it away with shampoo and warm water.
  • Another much simpler mask is the oil mask. Simply apply olive or almond oil onto your hair ends. Then cover the head with a shower cap and keep on for an hour and then wash hair with warm water.

Depending on your situation, it takes much discipline and dedication to keep your crowning glory in good condition but the "mane" thing is taking on these extra steps are totally worth the effort!


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