5 Reasons you should choose wigs as a protective style this Fall and Winter

Posted on 05 October 2018


As we transition into the Fall season, we are also transitioning into protective styles such as wigs! Wigs have become a protective style staple within the natural hair community.

Here are five reasons why you should choose wigs as your go-to protective style this Fall and Winter!


1. Save Time

Wigs are a great option to help you save more of your time and energy. Wigs, especially pre-styled wigs like Xotica Hair's full cap Corkscrew Curly wig can cut styling time in half. Often times you can throw on, fluff out your wig and go.


2. Less Stress on Your Hair

Since most wigs require no leave-out they offer maximum protection to your own hair. Wigs are beneficial because they cut down on over manipulation, cut down on shedding and shield our own hair from the elements. With hair securely under a wig you don’t have to worry about any pulling or tugging at your own hair when styling. Wigs can withstand heat and chemicals such as dye that would otherwise wreak havoc on your curls.


3. Easy to Maintain Your Hair

Unlike sew-ins, wigs offer the flexibility to remove your unit whenever you want, allowing you easy access to your own hair.  You can continue practicing your natural hair regimen such as hot oil treatments, washing, deep conditioning and more.


4. Save Money

Wigs come in wide range of prices, so you are sure to find a wig within your budget. Since wigs are often sold as a complete unit, you can easily apply yourself by sewing down, or securing with combs. This can save you even more money by cutting out a visit to the salon for an install. 


5. Limitless Style Options

Wigs allow you to experience different looks without the long-term commitment. With so many textures, (like afro kinky, corkscrew, coarse yaki and kinky straight to name a few) lengths and colours offered you can switch you style up as often as you want. You could be feeling big barrel curls today, and the next you want to be team #CutLife with a cute short pixie.


If you’re thinking of a protective style, keep the above reasons in mind and choose a wig this Fall season!


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