Hair Care For Cold Climates

Posted on 25 August 2015

With summer rapidly on its way out and fall and winter just lurking around the corner, it is time to think about what your plans are for your hair or your hair regimen during the fall and winter months. In the “great white north”, fall and winter can be very harsh on our hair, often resulting in dry, brittle hair and breakage.  While it is not only just the outdoor cold air that can be damaging, sucking the life from our hair, it can also be indoor, artificial heat  sources that can suck the moisture from your hair as well.  To combat the harshness of winter on your tress, here are a few tips to get you through the winter months with a healthy and happy head of hair:

  1. Cover your hair and wear a hat! Not just any hat, but one that is lined with satin or silk on the inside. If your winter hats or beenies do not come silk/satin lined, you can simply go to your local fabric store and purchase a decent size piece of satin or silk fabric that you can sew into the inside of your hat. The reason to do this is the same reason it is suggested you sleep with a silk or satin bonnet on your hair or on a silk/satin pillowcase. By sewing in either of these fabrics to the interior of your winter hat you avoid unnecessary and unwanted friction between your hair and the wool or fleece materials your hat is made off which may cause breakage. These fabrics will also allow the moisture to remain in the hair. You can also use a satin bonnet like the ones you may sleep in to attach as well.  Check out this great video on making your own liners

  1. Wear Protective styles. Some of my faves during the winter months are wigs, weaves with closures (no leave outs), clip-in extensions and crochet braids.  Wearing protective styles not only protect your ends (the oldest part of your hair) from the winter harshness, it also is a way to give your hair a bit of a break from constant manipulation which can help your hair to subsequently grow.  It is important to choose a protective style that best suit your needs as well, while keeping your protected hair in its healthiest state. It is also important however, to be mindful of wigs and weaves to make sure that there is no unnecessary stress along the perimeter of your hair line. Regardless of your protective style it is advised to choose one that allows you access to your hair to wash, condition and moisturize.
  1. Stay away from harsh chemicals and heating tools that will promote dryness. Needless to say, Winter is probably not the best time to bleach your hair platinum blonde…. just sayin’.  Avoid alcohol based products and do the best you can to limit the use of hot curlers, flat irons, blow driers and other heat styling tool, they can dry and break your hair even in the best climates. Opt for flexi-rods, perm rods, bantu knots and braid outs to create heat free curls; if obtaining and retaining length is your desire then maybe you want to stretch your hair by doing a two strand twist or perhaps giving African threading a try.

  1. Re-assess the products that you use; as mentioned earlier, products that promote dryness should be avoided or eliminated altogether. Use products that are thick n’rich and will help to lock moisture into your tress.  In one of my previous blogs on maintaining clip-in extensions,  I mentioned employing the LOC method, (liquid (or leave-in conditioner), oil and cream method), this is a method that can be applied daily to the hair. Use products that contain essential fatty acids and that are rich in emollients (moisturizing and soften properties) and humectants that help to attract and hold moisture. Products like shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba and avocado oil to name a few are recommended.  These products can make a huge difference in retaining moisture in your hair during the winter months.

Regardless of whatever regimen you choose for your hair during the winter months make sure that you hair remains happy, nurtured and healthy.

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