6 Natural Hairstyles for the Trendy Teen

Posted on 22 March 2017

Being a teenager with natural hair is an exciting thing!  Not only are you a part of an amazing culture, but you’re learning to accept your heritage and how YOU were created. Nevertheless, as teens with natural hair, we know it can be hard to find natural hairstyles that fit the trends and constant time-crunches of our generation.  Have no fear!  Styles for natural teens do exist.  Maybe you're new to natural hair or maybe you’ve rocked curls since birth. Either way, you probably want quick, easy, and trendy!  Here are 6 gorgeous styles to help you stand out and look great in today's teen culture!

High puff

 We love high puffs!!  This trendy look is fast and easy; perfect for early school mornings!  For a tutorial, head to


Bun and bangs

  Buns are cool, but a top bun with bangs is even better!  If you're going for a sweet and sassy vibe, you’ll want to try this style!  Find out how to style it at



   Did you do a big chop or do you just have shorter hair?  Wear it bold and proud!   TWAs (teeny weeny Afros) are becoming more and more popular and require low maintenance.  Want to draw even more heads?  Consider getting a tapered cut or coloring your curls.   For tips on haircare for a gorgeous TWA, check out  


2 Braids

  Blackish star and teen celebrity Yara Shahidi is proof that this style is perfect for youth with natural hair!  Go here for a tutorial to get thick, natural looking braids:


The Duo Puffs

  Ready to slay?  This cute but edgy look is a style for any length or hair texture.  See this tutorial:


Twist out

  Every natural needs a twist out from time to time.  The smaller they are, the longer they last, so consider investing an hour or two over the weekend for a gorgeous style for the week.  For a tutorial, check out   

Want to know how to make your twist out longer and not shrink up?  Check out How To Elongate Your Twist-Out.     Want more styles for teens?  Need a style for prom or any formal event?  Check out the exciting individualized prom collection on Not Just Another Blog here!


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