A Guide to Choosing the Right Stylist for your Natural Hair

Posted on 01 April 2018



Finding the right Stylist is one of the most important decisions a woman will make. Sounds like an exaggeration? Well just ask anyone who has ever been burned by their Stylist and you will reconsider. We have put together 5 simple tips to help you find the natural hair Stylist of your dreams.


1. Know what you want

Knowing what you want is key. Do you need someone who can do it all for you? Are you interested in treatments only? What kind of styles do you prefer? What is your price range? How far are you willing to travel?

Once you have this narrowed down, it will cut down your search time and help you pick the right person.

2. Do your research

Instagram and other social media outlets are great places to scout for Stylists. Try searching hashtags with your preferred style and location i.e #chicagobraider #protectivestyleslondon #newyorknaturalhair

Make sure you see pictures of their work and videos if possible. Always check to see if they fit the requirements you set out in the first step.

Find out if they are qualified or how much experience they have working with natural hair. Also see which products and methods they use. Naturally curly hair is delicate and requires a knowledgeable Stylist with a gentle hand.

3. Get References

Where possible, try to find previous clients; you can reach out to them if they are tagged in any pictures. If the Stylist has a booking site or Google biz page you may find reviews there. Another way is to search their name on Google and see what people are saying.

4. Have a Consultation

Most Stylists will offer a free short consultation where you can discuss your needs. Take advantage of this service and meet the Stylist. Ask them any questions you weren’t able to answer alone. You can try this with 2 or 3 people then pick your favourite.

5. Book your appointment

Once you have made your final decision, go ahead and make a booking! Sit back and enjoy having your hair cared for by an expert.

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