Black Celebrities That Wear Their Natural Hair

Posted on 05 March 2018

Long over are the days where Black Celebrities are expected to straighten, relax or weave their natural hair. Now, you’ll see that more celebrities are rocking their natural kinks and curls. Here is a list of 6 black celebrities who wear their natural hair both on and off the screen:

1. Sanaa Lathan

Recently shaved her hair for a movie role, and looks as beautiful as ever. The image of her embracing her natural kinks rocked the internet and went instantly viral.

2. Tracee Ellis Ross

This Black-ish star has always been versatile with her natural curls both on and off the screen. 

3. Gabrielle Union

The Being Maryjane star has her own natural haircare line promising great hair days for women with textured hair.

4. Issa Rae

Issa has been rocking a short fro since her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl. Fast-forward years later, the Insecure star and now Covergirl is still rocking her fro.

5. Viola Davis

The How to Get Away With Murder star, once struggled to love her natural hair after her battle with alopecia. However, she  now wears her natural hair, both on and off the screen.

6. Lupita Nyong’o

Has always embraced her natural cropped fro. So much so, there has been many times where she would have to speak out against the photographers and magazines that altered her hair.


Whether they’re rocking their afros, curls, waves, or even shaven styles, black celebs are proving that natural is just as beautiful!

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