Black Panther Movie Hairstyles: The Power of the Natural Hairstyle

Posted on 12 February 2018

The Black Panther movie’s natural hairstyle theme is gaining the attention of natural hair enthusiasts everywhere. By now, if you are a naturalista, you too are probably making plans for your attendance at this colossal event. It is without a doubt that before and after seeing Black Panther, natural hair divas everywhere will not only look for inspiration in the presentation of natural hairstyles by these actors, but they will ultimately dare to adorn several of these styles.

One might question where the inspiration for Black Panther natural hairstyles come from aside from stating the obvious. According to The Glow Up, hairstylist, Camille Friend describes the film as having three settings -traditional Africa, contemporary Africa, and future Africa. This approach includes both African tribal designs as well as present-day Afro-punk and natural hairstyles. For naturalistas everywhere, Friend takes the three genres of Africa and delivers it in an awe-inspiring palette of natural hairstyles.


Image Source: Disney/Marvel

In addition to stimulating, adrenaline rush sequences, Friend’s role in breathing life into the beauty of the men and women of Africa in this film becomes evident and takes form in the texture of many natural hairstyles. Men and women wear braids in the film, but a favorite among these freestyle braids is the freestyle braid-do which is fashioned into an up- that is fitting of a queen but leverages a design that is becoming of the character in the action sequence.   

Black Panther Silver Locs

Image Source: Disney/Marvel

For those natural hair mavens who love a good dreadlock, they will be pleased to find that dreadlocks make an appearance in Black Panther in many forms, and one of our favorites is that which appears in the form of silver and length. For this film, Angela Basset’s character, Ramona, wears locs the result of a beautifully crafted gray and white wig. The inspiration for these 22-inch locs are reportedly writer Toni Morrison and director Ryan Coogler’s mother, Joselyn.


The Wakanda Knot

Image Source: Disney/Marvel

Wakanda is a technologically advanced society in this story, and therefore, why would we not see the evolution of a favourite natural hairstyle that pays homage to this civilization? Friend refers to the knots worn by Lupita Nyong’o’s character as the Wakanda Knot.  These knots are a take on the ever-popular Bantu knot –sort of… This style entails taking the hair, then twisting it into itself so that it looks very much like that of a cinnamon roll.

The Twist-Out Afro

Image Source: Disney/Marvel

Black Panther not only honors traditional braids, dreads, and knots but pays tribute to a color-rich twist out afro as well. Friend states that when selecting a hairstyle for a particular actor or actress, she considers a variety of factors, including the shapes of their face and whether or not the style is complimentary of their overall appearance. The tapered style demonstrates the versatility of natural hair.


Black Panther is a celebration of many things, but Camille Friend’s interpretation and display of natural hair beauty in this film promise to inspire natural hair divas for decades that will follow.

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