Colour and Kinks: Pantone's 2018 Colour of the Year-Ultra Violet for Natural Hair

Posted on 04 April 2018

Spring and Summer are known to be a time for awakening, renewing and vibrance; as once dormant grass and trees begin to grow, flowers begin to bloom and many birds return from their annual Southern migration, the same goes for our natural hair. During this season many naturals are slowly awakening their tresses from the slumber of Protective Styling to wearing their natural hair out more; this time of the year is also a great time in which many naturals may want to experiment with cuts and sometimes a bit of colour - what better way to experiment with colour on your natural hair than by trying out Pantone's 2018 Colour of the Year - Ultra Violet, this Spring and Summer.  Here are some fun ways to add a pop of this amazing colour to your natural hair.


Ultra Violet Braids and Cornrows

Braids and cornrows are an easy way to add this fun, funky and trending colour to your Spring and Summer natural hair look.  It requires little to no commitment at all, but may require some time for installation.  Opt for the crochet version and it will shave off a few hours of installation time. Try an ombre look or a straight ultra violet, play around with lengths and sizes that will suit your style.



Ultra Violet Curls

While they always say blondes have more fun, which is said to express the common belief that men are more attracted to women with blonde hair and that they are given more attention; I say move over blondie! Besides, who cares what a man really thinks? Girls with ultra violet curls are even more fun. Command attention and live out loud with the combination of these tussled-looking curls and bold colour that screams rebel, playful and fun! 



Ultra Violet Natural Hair Extensions

Ok, so if you want to get in on this funky hair colour trend without actually committing to a dye job of your own natural hair, a good option would be to get the look with natural hair extensions  and natural hair clip-in extensions. Natural hair extensions like Xotica Hair's come in their natural donor colour which makes achieving the shade using kinky hair extensions or kinky clip in extensions pretty simple.  You have a couple of choices; you can opt for a two step process of lifting or bleaching the extensions (removing the natural pigment of the natural hair extensions), then depositing colour onto the extensions using a highly pigmented semi-permanent like Manic Panic in the colour of ...... you guessed it - Ultra Violet (go figure right?!!!) or you can forego the lifting and bleaching and try a spray on colour like High Beams Intense Spray colour in Punky Purple.



Ultra Violet Undercut and TWAs

TWAs and Undercuts are notorious for being cute, chic, and sophisticated  but by adding a punch of Ultra Violet to this serious-looking cut, you can now add the adjective of REBELLIOUS to the list to describe your undercut or TWA. 



There is no doubt that the colour Ultra Violet will dominate and dictate the looks for the season and the remainder of the year, it is however important to advise that if you do opt for a dye job be it on your natural hair or your natural hair extensions remember that coloured treated hair will require a lot more tender loving care.

Are you bold enough to try Ultra Violet on your natural hair?

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