Cute Holiday Hair Accessories for Natural Hair Curlies

Posted on 04 December 2017

The holidays are a great time to jazz up your hair with a few cute accessories without over doing your look; whether you’re wearing your natural hair or you are protective styling with natural hair extensions  these accessories will definitely work to spruce up your holiday look.

Head bands


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Head bands offer dual purposes; they keep hair out of your face as well as they can accessorize your look. One of my favourite pieces is the gold leaf head band, nothing says Goddess and elegance more than beautiful filigree crowning your tress.

Another favourite is this amazing gold Egyptian snake headband; Fro it out and let it out. 

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Hair Jewellery


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Can you say Regal? Yes Queen! Glam it up with Chain Hair jewellery! Chain hair jewellery can add a hint of playful mystique, yet a regal spin to your look. This is definitely an eye catching piece at any party that you can wear regardless of how you style your hair, be it in braids, with natural hair extensions, a twist out or an updo.

Bow Fascinators

Wear a bow fascinator! Generally fascinators are worn during formal and afternoon affairs (and have been donned by the Royals of the British monarch at swanky event). Yes honey, didn’t you know that you were both magic and Royal?! Like the two looks below, these two can be classified as a cross between fascinator and bow, minus their typical veils which often accompanies them. Without the veil it takes it down a notch and makes it appropriate for perhaps a more formal holiday event without being too extra. Fascinators can class up your look in no time, just keep it simple; wear it with class, and grace. Oh, not to mention placement is everything.

With these multiple stylish hair accessory options for the holidays, you can never get bored. Glam it up, make your entrance and be the talk of the party for all the right reasons.



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