Fulani Braids Inspired Hairstyles With Xotica's Afro Kinky Hair Extensions

Posted on 16 August 2017

If you haven't noticed all the hype about Fulani braids and beads over the last few months, then you must be living under a rock. But first what is Fulani? Fulani also known as Fula is the largest group of ethnic people in West Africa that are widely dispersed throughout the region. With up to 1/3 of their 20-25 million people being normadic they are known as the largest normadic pastoral community in the world. They inhabit many countries but mainly West Africa and northern parts of Central Africa, but as well as Chad, Sudan and regions near the Red Sea. The Fulani people have a rich culture, steeped with strong tradition. One tradition that helps to distinguish them is their intricate hairstyles often adorned with beads and cowry shells.


The beauty and the intricacies of these traditional hairstyles have taken the natural hair community by storm and if you were to do a quick Google image search for Fulani hairstyles there surely would not be a shortage of looks for you to try.  

With that said,one of our models decided to give it a try with the use of our Afro Kinky 4b/4c textured clip ins, and we think that it turned out fabulously. These looks can also be done with our Kinky Curly hair as well.  Take a look at our vid. at how Mika slayed these looks with our clip ins. Then tell us what you think. 






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