How many bundles do you really need?

Posted on 14 August 2018


How many bundles of hair do you really need for a full head look with Xotica Hair clip ins or weft bundles?  If you have ever asked that questions look no further.

Determining the number of bundles that you need depends on a couple of things-the look you are trying to achieve and the length you select; however, the rule of thumb is the shorter the length the less bundles you'll need, the longer the hair length the more bundles you'll need.  For example, lengths from 10” to 16” requires 2 bundles of hair or clip ins to achieve a full look. Beyond 16 inches you will need more hair to achieve a more full look for a full head. The reason being is that longer bundles have shorter length wefts when stretched out, so for example if I took a 12” bundle of weft hair, stretched it out along the length of a ruler then, I took a 24" length bundle and stretched it out along the same ruler, the 12" weft will measure longer in length along the ruler. But when compared in weight they would both weigh the same. On average Xotica Hair weight ranges from 100 to 113 grams of hair and you will need at least 2 bundles for a full head with minimal leave out; and only one bundle if you just want to add volume to your hair, with lots of leave out.

Check out @froplusfashion formerly @luvmika87's video showing a comparison with Xotica Hair Afro Kinky 4b/4c clip in hair extension.



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