How To Restore and Revive Your Old Remy Hair Extensions

Posted on 13 May 2018

If you are anything like me, I become bored with a look fairly quickly, which could mean for my hair extensions, both kinky curly extensions and straight, that after a couple of uses they get tossed in a bag to be forgotten until the next time; and that next time could very well be a year or more later. Besides I just like new hair - new hair who dis?! Aayyyeee!!!!  But seriously, restoring and reviving your old hair extensions helps you to get more use out of them and therefore help you to save your coins.

If you are not familiar with Remy Hair extensions or extensions at all, you might be inclined to throw them out when you finally decide to wear them again because they may seem to be all dried up, dull looking and just look somewhat intimidating to try to revive; this is fairly normal for Remy hair extensions to look this way after extensive use, particularly if you did not wash, condition and store them properly afterwards. So properly conditioning and storing them is essential because unlike our own natural strands, human hair extensions do not receive nutrients and oils from the roots and therefore they will lack moisture; therefore, you may be tasked with giving your old Remy Hair extensions, "hair extensions CPR", but don't worry its not that difficult to do. Remy Hair extensions are high quality human hair extensions that will have minimal tangling and matting due to the way they have been sourced, collected and manufactured.  All of their cuticles are in tact (not raised or damaged) and they all run in the same direction which eliminates the tangling, so you will only need several products to restore them; no bleach baths, and no silicon mix (those are normally needed for low grade quality hair extensions).  

To restore and revive your Remy Hair extensions, all you will need is a weave/paddle brush, some sulphate free moisturizing shampoo, a good deep conditioner, a ziplock plastic bag and time. 

Here is a quick video showing how I easily revived my old Remy Hair extensions to good as new.


(If you are interested in learning more about Remy Hair extensions and the difference in human hair extensions, click here to read our past post.

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