How to tell your new bae you’re wearing a wig and you’re all natural!

Posted on 29 November 2016

I happened to stumble upon a very old post on a black hair forum the other day, with a poor girl concerned about securing her wig. She was a black college student living in the dorms with a non-black roommate, after much discussion it was revealed  that part of her concern had to do with her roommate seeing her remove her hair and what she would think, the poor soul also mentioned that she would normally wait until her roommate fell asleep or was out to remove her wig. I felt so badly for the poor girl because of her fear of her roommate knowing that she wore wigs, and that her hair was natural underneath. The read actually sparked this post on how to tell your new bae that you’re all natural and you wear a wig or the hair that he sees you with ain’t your real huuur!

**** Ahem…Oh wait, what’s that sound?…. crickets!

So….in my opinion, there is only one real good way to do it.  Some things just need to be ripped off like a stuck band-aid; real quick, and this is one of them. I suggest getting  it out front real quick and fast in the beginning, don’t beat around the bush with it, and don’t feel sheepish or shy about saying or revealing it either, keep it casual. Just get it out there and let him know!  I’m not talking first date early, but early.   For example, as you’re getting to know your guy, I’m sure you will be doing lots of activities; going out for coffee, theatre dates, picnics whatever dating single folks do. I suggest if you’re a wig wearer show up at every occasion with new huuur. Maybe one date wear a  long wig, then another date a short or a different colour wig. By switching up your look constantly, I’m sure he’ll some how figure out that its not your natural hair which will potentially spark a conversation about it. If bae is oblivious to it, which I doubt he’ll be, but if he is, then don’t leave it to chance, casually bring it up.

If you are a weave wearer another good way to let bae know is by mentioning that you’re about to get your fresh new install.  If he comments on it or compliment you on your hair, keep your response light and breezy, be like “oh yeah thanks,  you like it? you think it’s cute?………. Yeah, I’m about to do a new look or install tomorrow”; casually tell bae how you like mixing it up and keeping it different. This is a great time to plug in that you also wear your hair in its natural state too.

Truth is ladies, you shouldn’t have to feel nervous or ashamed  about telling bae about your TWA or your BAA, while you’re not your hair, it is a part of the natural you that you choose to boldly embrace; telling bae doesn’t have to be hard; the premise is to  keep it breezy, and get it out there as soon as possible for the betterment of your new and budding relationship. Trust me, you will feel great about it when it comes out regardless of their reaction, rather than carrying a load of unnecessary fear of “what ifs” looming over your relationship or even worst having an embarrassing “track fall out” or “wig off” mishap during “sexy time”.

Until the next time.

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