Instagram Baddie Hairstyles with Xotica Hair

Posted on 21 September 2017

You know those girls on Instagram who always have perfect hair? They have a new, bomb hairstyle every week. Always complete with perfectly laid edges and defined and shiny curls? You know those girls - the Instagram baddies of the world. But how do they achieve such visual flawlessness?! Read on to learn how to achieve two Instagram baddie hairstyles that are super easy to do.

Space Buns


Source: @naturallylady (Instagram)

An ode to the 70’s and 90’s, afro puffs are making a huge comeback on the Instagram scene! Mainly because they are so simple. To achieve the look, dampen or wet your hair and part it hair down the middle. For this to be a true Instagram baddie hairstyle, make sure your part is really straight. Apply your favorite gel on your damp or wet hair and brush up into a ponytail. Using gel on wet hair will really make your curls pop. Finally secure each side up with an seamless covered elastic band and make sure to brush down your baby hair in the front! We all know it’s all about dem baby hairs! Get your head cloth, tie your edges down for about 10 minutes (or if you have time, until your gel dries) and you are good.

If your kinky hair is long enough for the desired look you can just leave it out in a puff. But if your hair is short or you’re really going for that true Instagram baddie look, add in some kinky curly hair clip in extensions. Clip in extensions, are a fun, commit-free way to style your hair. Our girl Ty'jalayah is wearing our Corkscrew Curls clip ins to create the look above. We offer many kinky curly textures including Afro Kinky hair, both in 4a/4b and 4b/4c so you can find one that matches your texture.

To supplement your puffs with clip ins, start by your wrapping your unclipped extension around the base of your puff, clipping to secure as you work your way around. Take the extension hair and wrap into a bun covering the base for a smooth look. To complete this Instagram baddie hairstyle, take a bit of hair down from in front of your ear and finger twirl it into a curl. This is so easy Ty'Jalayah is able to do it with one hand. Take a look!


Half Up, Half Down Top Knot


Source: @tyjalayahroberterson aka @naturallylady (Instagram)

Another popular instagram baddie hairstyle is a half up, half down top knot style. For this style, you’ll definitely need long and / or big curls. An easy way to achieve this is to use a U part wig for easy install and maintenance or simply any one of our kinky curly hair clip ins.

If you opt for a U Part wig - Start by leaving out your front edges and a u-shaped section of your hair big enough for a top knot. Braid, flat twist or otherwise secure the rest of your hair in the back. Install your wig over this secured area and cover with some of your leave out. Now that the back portion is covered, gather up the remain loose portion on top to make your bun. Below is a vid of our model creating the look on her short TWA with our clip in extensions. 


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