Installing your U-Part Wig - So easy even a newbie can do it!

Posted on 05 March 2018

Installing a U-Part wig couldn't get any easier - So easy even a newbie can do it.  Check out this video of @abbiecurls installing her first ever natural hair wig using Xotica Hair's U-Part wig in our most coveted texture, Corkscrew Curls.

But first, here are some step by step things to know and do prior to installing your natural hair wig:

Preparing your U-Part wig

1.  When you first receive your U-Part it will have two adjoining elastics that hold the "U" together.  Remove the elastic by carefully cutting them with a pair of scissors.

2.  Wash and condition hair - this will help to loosen up curls, (you may find that the curls are super tight upon removing from the bag). Washing helps in loosening the curls and bring out the true curl pattern of the hair.

3.  Allow the wig to air dry. (At this point you are welcome to add oils or any curl enhancers to the wig that you desire as it dries).


Preparing your natural hair 

1. In terms of preparing your hair you have many option; you can either flat twist, two strand twist, bantu knot or even place your hair in a low ponytail.  Anything that will allow your wig to lay flat and undetectable under the wig.  In the vid. Abbie's hair is two strand twisted - left over from a previous protective style.

2. You may want to moisturize your tress prior to installing your wig depending on how long you will be wearing the wig. Remember, even the smallest bit of moisture is always better than no moisture.

3. Leave a small U shape portion of your natural hair to be left out on top, this is used to cover the top of the U-Part wig.

Installing the wig

Once you are done with the preparation, its time to install your wig. 

1. After unclipping the clips on the wig, firmly insert the clips at the crown of your head or just beneath the U shape that you left out to cover your track. Generally there are at least 2-3 other clip at the top of the wig and a comb at the bottom.  Firmly clip them all in, once clipped in, insert the comb at the back so that the wig sits snugly over your natural hair. 

2. Take the U section of your hair that you left out and cover the top of the U.  You can use gel or any of your desired products to help smooth and blend your natural hair over and into the U Part wig.

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