Natural Hair Extensions: Changing the Face of Beauty

Posted on 04 August 2017

Forget about those silky, bone straight hair extensions! Natural hair extensions are taking their place in the mainstream beauty and hair care industry. This emergence of natural hair acceptance has everything to do with the natural hair movement. Not only does the natural hair movement continue to blaze a trail of fire through the Black Community, demanding that people of color learn to love their natural roots; It is also kicking down doors and generating quite the buzz around the real definition of beauty. 

Enter the natural hair extension.     The natural hair industry       continues to march closer to $1 billion in revenue each year, and natural hair extensions are rising to the top as a prominent earner.    Although more than two-thirds of women of color are wearing their natural hair, six out of ten Black consumers are rocking wigs, hair extensions or weaves. With     statistics such as this one on the rise, it's not surprising that natural hair extensions are taking their place in several mainstream hair extension collections.   

Black women choose to wear wigs and hair extensions for a wide variety of reasons. They enable women to enhance their natural hair’s volume, boost natural hairstyle versatility, and can serve as an excellent resource for protective styling practices.It’s no wonder that Black women with natural hair are ready for the next innovation beyond the shelves of natural hair care products in a bottle or jar. Thanks to the power of the natural hair movement, natural hair extensions are the next tier of natural hair care products, and for these companies to continue to see their bottom lines grow, they too must adjust and meet the needs of the natural hair diva. In other words, hair extensions must be universal to meet the needs of all women from various backgrounds.

Let’s face it; hair extension companies have little choice but to move with the trendsetting wave of the natural hair industry. This movement includes increasing their production of natural hair extensions. Where existing companies may be lacking, there is an army of new natural hair extension companies that are coming into their own to meet the needs of the consumer. Yes, several natural hair extension companies have entered the market in the last decade and are continuing to catch the eye of the hair care industry. They are also capturing the attention of Black women who are singing their praises all over social media.  Companies like Xotica Hair and others are all doing well and earning positive marks from new and faithful customers.

For hair extension creators to remain competitive; they will need to continue to expand their natural hair catalog to keep pace with the natural hair movement and the demand of the Black female consumer who is looking for the perfect product that celebrates her style and culture.

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