Natural Hair Extensions: The Pros and Cons of Wearing Natural Hair Clip In Extensions vs. Sew In Extensions

Posted on 01 June 2017

Natural hair extensions or hair weaves offer naturalistas many advantages in their arsenal of natural hair practices and tricks. Natural hair extensions are a naturalistas best accessory and ally in the quest to create bold, new styles as well as for everyday styling purposes. Also, they can be an incredible asset to naturalistas seeking the shelter of a protective style that sustains their love for the look of a natural hairstyle.  

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Yes, there are many pros and cons to wearing natural hair extensions but –did you know that the decision-making process for wearing natural hair weaves and extensions goes far deeper than just choosing to wear those naturally curly tresses? In fact, many naturalistas have to spend time weighing the pros and cons of selecting which type of natural hair extension to wear. Should she wear a full head sew-in or are clip-ins the better option?

The Pros and Cons Clip-In Natural Hair Extensions

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Clip-in natural hair extensions, which sometimes go by the label of clip-in wefts offer naturalistas the luxury of a snap open/snap shut application. They are excellent for special occasion wear or as a quick style fashion statement.  Manufacturers of the clips sew human or synthetic hair into the clips which allow you to then easily attach or “clip” these hair pieces onto your natural hair.  Clip-ins have many advantages.

Pricing Options Vary. Natural hair clip-in extensions are available in bundles and at a wide variety of prices.  They are a worthy investment and with proper care may last through multiple wears.

Easy Installation. While a professional stylist may install clip-ins for you, the installation process of natural hair clip-ins is easy enough to be done by you from the comfort of your home and does not require the same amount of time as a sew-in. You can clip them into your hair, or you can create multiple rows of cornrows and add them.

Integrate with Natural Hair. Clip In natural hair extensions is a wonderful way to add volume, vibrancy, and length to your natural hair. They are available in a variety of textures including curly, coily, and kinky. This variety of hair textures allows naturalistas to match clips ins with their natural hair type.  

Nonetheless, there are a few clip-in extension cons that you must consider.

Clip-ins are at risk for falling out. While this is not a common occurrence, if you have extremely short hair and your clip ins are not securely snapped in place you just might find that clip-in extension have shifted out of place. Quick Tip: Ensure all clips are firmly and securely affixed to hair or braid and firmly snapped in place.

Hair Texture Mismatch. While the variety of clip-in hair textures available ranks as an advantage, the failure of a naturalista to select hair that is a match to their hair type can prove to be a painful con. If you are planning to leave any portion of your hair out for blending, your selection of the wrong hair type can prove to be a costly and visually disturbing mistake.

Care of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are low maintenance and only require washing every 10 to 15 applications. You will need to keep an eye out for product build-up just as you would with your hair, and air drying is best following the wash and deep conditioning process.


The Pros and Cons of Sew-In Hair Weaves

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Cornrows often serve as the foundation for a sew-in weave in which there is the application of hair using a needle and thread. Hair is sewn or threaded within the cornrow to secure it in place.

Sew-in weaves have many advantages.

Extended Wear. Unlike clip-ins, you can wear sew-ins for upwards of six to eight weeks.No Texture Limitations. Unless you elect to attempt to blend your natural hair in with the hair weave, a full head sew-in allows for many choices in the way of hair textures on the market. You can choose to wear coily hair, or you may opt to wear bone straight hair.

Secure Foundation. Sew-ins are very popular because they are far more secure than clip-ins.

While sew-ins do offer many advantages, they are not without their disadvantages. Here are a few of the drawbacks for wearing sew-in weaves.  

Sew-ins can be bulky. Let’s face it, to create a realistic version of your gorgeous self, sew-ins often require a fair amount of bulk to prevent holes or gaps that leave tracks visible to admirers. This requirement can often leave the scalp feeling claustrophobic and the weight of the world sitting on your head.

Sew-ins require diligent scalp care. Sew-ins need a fair amount of scalp care. Scalp care entails ensuring there is adequate moisture, the removal of risk for scalp irritation or dandruff and yes, cleanliness. Also, the root area requires delicate treatment given that there can be a lot of tug and pull from the weight of the braid and hair.   

Sew-ins demand multiple levels of hair care. Clip-ins allow naturalistas the convenience of caring for the hair without it necessarily being on their heads. Sew-ins, however, need daily care as does the hair beneath the weave. Human hair sew-ins must undergo human hair care rituals!

You should always seek the help of a professional stylist for sew-in weave application to reduce the risk of breakage or permanent hair damage and they should not be worn for more than four months at a time –although that duration could prove a bit risky for your natural hair.

These are the pros and cons for wearing clip-in extensions and full head-sew-in weaves. Each is worthy investments. Remember to have fun with a bit of trial and error, but take the time to evaluate which one works best for you.


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  • Valicia : September 17, 2018


    I’m naturally grey, however my hair shrinks a lot.
    Do you know where I can buy natural gray hair clips?

    Thank you

  • Valicia : September 17, 2018


    I’m naturally grey, however my hair shrinks a lot.
    Do you know where I can buy natural gray hair clips?

    Thank you

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