Natural hair slay on your wedding day

Posted on 15 August 2017

Your wedding day is easily the most important day of your life. You’ve been dreaming about it for years, planning every tiny last detail for months; finally, you’ve got everything just the way you want it. The perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect centre pieces and of course….. The perfect mate; but there is only one not so tiny detail that’s giving you anxiety – your wedding day hair, how are you going to style it? How do you make sure your natural afro texture hair turns out just as perfect and magical as everything else you’ve planned?

Your naturally curly and kinky hair has always had a mind of its own, and you’ve always just rolled with it, but this time, you can’t take any chances on your wedding day! What if it shrinks in the humidity? Or gets big with humidity? What if the curls don’t fully set? What if? What if? What if? Having less than picture perfect hair is the last thing we ever want you to worry about on such a big day – so don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 “wedding day proof” bridal hairstyles for natural haired brides.

 Crochet braids

Image source: tastePINK @pinkvalenciaga_ via Instagram

The concept of crochet braids had been around for a while but after a few years of other braiding and weaving techniques taking the spotlight it somehow resurfaced again in the late 2014 and early 2015 and is now all the rage. Crochet braids are an excellent choice for wedding day hair simply because it is practically error and worry proof; you will never have to worry about uncontrollable frizz, it won’t shrink up, puff up or swell like your real natural hair, making them a much more reliable choice, oh and not to mention, they are relatively inexpensive. With its resurgence to the market, the quality of synthetic hair used to make crochet extension improved significantly, as well as the texture.  With the new improved quality and texture you can now add heat to the hair to create beautiful wand curls like the pic above. This is the ultimate glam look. In terms of texture you don’t have to worry about looking “not so natural” because you can actually purchase crochet extensions that look like your own blown out naturally kinky hair. You can also purchase them pre-curled which can cut down on styling time on the day off. Regardless of which you choose you will be picture perfect.  I do however suggest doing a “dry run” of the installation several months before so that you are completely sure of the look that you want.

Messy Twisted Updo

Image source: Zoe Allamby via Instagram

Updos are popular among all brides for many reasons. You can almost never go wrong with them, they are super easy to do, and they always look so elegant and put together. Updos are perfect because they will last through wind, rain and the barrage of hugs and kisses from well-wishers. They can be classic and chic, or messy and modern, like this one. Depending on the length and texture of your curls you may need to stretch your hair beforehand to achieve this look. Here’s how to do it: In the front of your hair, create three big, loose flat twists, draping to one side and two draping to the opposite side. Using the remaining hair in the back, create several large, loose twists. Pull and pin all of the flat twists to the center of the back of your head. Then roll and tuck the single twists up. For an ethereal look, pull out some short strands around your face. To glam this look up further, add in a hair accessory like flowers, pins or clips. This is a great opportunity to incorporate your something old, something new, your something borrowed or blue.

Halo Crown

Image source: Flawless Hair Style via YouTube

It’s your big day, so why not turn your hair into a crown?! The Halo Crown, also known as Milk maid braid or Goddess braid securely twists each strand of hair into place and will ensure you’ll feel like a queen you are all day. Much like the Updo, it is very elegant, classic yet ethereal and can sustain a plethora of hugs and kisses and won’t fall apart by the end of the evening when you and your guests are getting down on the dance floor. This style can take many forms, including a Flat twist halo crown that can be flat twisted as opposed to braiding. Both are equally elegant and beautiful, creating a stunningly beautiful yet whimsical look. Here is an excellent step by step video on how to achieve this look.

The perfect fro

Image source: Pinterest

If you prefer to let it all hang out and go with the fro then more power to you. Nothing shows off your beautiful kinks than letting it all fro! Whether its a TWA or a huge kinky fro, all eyes will definitely be on you.  Make the decision earlier on and decide whether you want to go with a tightly shrunken or stretched look. Have your stylist play around with either looks beforehand, he or she might need to use anti-shrinkage creams or curl enhancers to help those curls to pop or clump, but make sure you've got your look on lock before so that you can recreate that same look on your special day.  Finally add some accessories for that Fro to finish polish off your overall look.

No matter if you want to wear your natural hair, crochet braids or kinky curly hair extensions, up or down, your hair will play a huge part in your overall look as much as your dress on your wedding day. So don't be derailed nor fret of the thought of bad hair on your wedding day. With the right style team you can be 100% picture perfect from the kinky crown of your head right down to the soles of your feet.



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