Get your gym on girl! - Natural Hairstyles for working out

Posted on 05 March 2018

What are the best natural hairstyles for working out? Between sweating and excessive movements, finding the best natural hairstyles for working out is a must. You want a look that is not overly complex, yet something that is flattering and in line with your sense of style but also that wont compromise your overall workout.

No worries! We have you covered on that front. Here are five natural hairstyles to get you through your next workout.

The Single Afro Puff or Two Puffs

The Single Afro Puff or Two Puff Afro style is a fan-favorite. These two styles are an excellent way to show off those natural kinks without compromising the hairdo in the midst of a fantastic workout.



Image Source: Shutterstock/Samuel Borges


Freestyle Braids and Twists

If you are planning to engage in day to day physical training in preparation for a marathon or 5K or perhaps you are just a frequent flyer at your local gym, consider getting braids or twists. Braids and twists allow for versatility and can withstand the rigors of a tough workout.

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The Top Bun

The Top Bun is a classic but straightforward style among naturalistas with long hair. The top bun never fades from fashion. This look allow you to keep hair out of your face and still continue to look polished. Don’t have enough hair to rock this style, don’t be afraid to add a natural hair ponytail or track to your existing ponytail to create this look.

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Cornrow hairstyles are multidimensional and offer those who wear them the option for functionality and fashion all-in-one. During your time at the gym, this style is all business and away from the gym, add a few accessories such as a blooming afro puff ponytail or half-wig hair extension, to give this style a little glamour.


Classy Protective Style Updo

This protective style updo allows those naturalistas with thicker, longer tresses to create a flattering style while also protecting their hair from an intense workout.

Image Source: Youtube/Naptural85

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