Oops, I did it again! - Loc'd up with Xotica Hair Afro Kinky Extensions

Posted on 24 September 2018

Oops, I did It again!

It was only a matter of time before this happened... yup I went back to locs. Surprise!!!! 

I have always loved my natural hair and even after I had cut my last set of locs 6yrs before, I knew that I would never relax it; so I spent the last year contemplating what to do with my hair after wearing natural locs for 10 years and then for the last 6 years being a loose hair natural; I finally resolved for an old familiar friend:- Locs! 

Because I had done the whole "loc journey" thing (*insert eye roll here) 16 years prior from start to finish, resulting in beautiful long locs that reached my butt, I decided I would skip the various stages of loc’ing including the ugly stage, as many dread heads like to call it and cut to the chase. (Disclaimer: I do not find any stages of the loc'ing process ugly.  It is all naturally beautiful to me.)  I decided to go the permanent loc extension route to fast track my look. (those in the loc community, don’t judge me! Well wait.... if you do, please stop by to see how many ####s are given). 

I used about 6-7 bundles of Xotica Hair's new Afro Kinky Bulk hair in length 14” to create about 57 medium sized thick locs. They were all hand made with Xotica’s Afro Kinky extensions. With my first set of locs, I had about 94 or so locs and I always remembered how much I admired thicker locs; as well, my hair is on the finer side of 4c hair with medium density so I decided this time I would go thicker.  Using Xotica’s Afro Kinky bulk extensions were perfect and the results worked out swimmingly.



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