The Silky Straight vs. Yaki Straight Dilemma

Posted on 14 September 2016

Coarse Yaki vs Silky Straight
I am guessing that many of you like myself in the wig and hair extension wearing game has had this dilemma that I have had.  Should I go with silky texture or the yaki texture for my straight install? 

For all my virgin wig wearers and hair extension wearers, let me break down the difference for you.

Silky hair texture is the texture of hair that is basically the same as it has been sourced from the original donors, now I’m not saying that it hasn’t had some form of chemical processing or anything, I’m just saying that the texture is “silky” for lack of a better word.  It has a very "European" or "Asian" hair feeling, if that makes sense. (The largest source for hair extensions are often Chinese and Indian).  It is smooth and shiny and is very fine and silky to the touch, the kind of hair that is great for a super sexy, uber straight look (wink, wink, can you guess which texture I’m more partial to?)

Yaki on the other hand is hair that has been processed to resemble relaxed (permed) African hair. Yaki can come in many variants such as Light Yaki, Yaki Straight, Italian Yaki, Coarse Yaki, just to name a few.

Now back to this dilemma.  What texture should I get?  For myself as a natural, lately I been sticking with wigs, so each time I’d purchase a new wig the question would arise; and with each wig purchase I would always cave in and buy the Yaki, even though deep down inside I wanted to try the silky.  But what always made me get Yaki was the fact that I was always worried that people wouldn’t believe it was my hair. After choosing Yaki for years, I decided to venture into the "dark world" of silky straight texture.  I was instantly in love.  I love the smooth, silky feeling of it, the look and the way it moves.

A funny story, I was out with a friend for coffee the other day and was wearing a stunning curly 24 inch full lace wig (silky textured – as far as I know all curly hair is silky).  She told me how much she loved it, which then sparked the conversation about weave and hair extensions.  The conversation turned towards texture and she told me that she had issues trying to wear silky textures because it seemed so unnatural for Afro-Caribbean/American women.  My response to her was that I was totally over “the not looking natural” because 9 times out of 10 no one probably believed that it was my hair in the first place considering the extremely long lengths that I love to wear. LOL! And besides whose business is it but mine. I told her it didn’t matter to anyone but me because I love the look, the feel and not to mention that I could do without the hassle that sometimes come with Yaki texture, when it starts to act up. 

I guess the real point boils down to what’s your preference;  Long, short, medium length, silky straight, yaki, or kinky; when it comes to choosing a texture, don’t just go for a texture based on what others think or others are wearing but choose your texture for your needs: the versatility, the durability, does it tangle a lot, does it shed profusely, does it hold a curl? But most importantly choose the texture for the sexy look you want to achieve.



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  • Rebekah: January 05, 2018

    I would like to correct you. I am actually a naturally silky girl when my hair is straightened. I have fine and extremely soft hair which a lot of people love and I hate because it is so fine and difficult to hold curls. Silky hair is not a feature specifically confined within the European blood lines. There are a lot of melaninated people who also have straight silky hair such as Asians and Native Americans to name a few. I think that choosing yaki or silky yaki are up to hair texture and personal choice. It should not be offensive to African hair if someone prefers silky. I prefer yaki hair but I was born with fine soft silky hair.

  • Qu: February 29, 2016

    Totally describes me to the tee: always worrying about my weave looking believable. Thanks for this article! I may just take a walk on the “dark side” myself. :-)

  • sandra: March 11, 2015

    great post!

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