Stop judging me because I wear natural hair extensions!

Posted on 29 November 2016

Have you ever been made to feel less than a “natural” because you wear natural hair extensions?  Have members of the natural hair community looked down on you simply because you supplement your fro with a little natural clip-in extensions because it maybe gives your natural fine hair a bit more body and oomph?Or you just straight up like ’em? It always baffles me that someone who doesn’t  know you can feel that they have even half the right to be another natural’s hair-judge, jury and executioner.  I’ve actually had another natural comment about my natural hair clip in extension saying “eww they’re just ugly…..just grow it yourself”. Little that she knew I had a full head of beautiful natural coils underneath it.

Look it, there are many reasons why people wear natural hair extensions; while I may not know them all, and besides its none of my business, I can only speak for myself personally.  After years of wearing waist length dread locs I decided to do the big chop; I wanted to re-invent my look.  I started dabbling with wigs, weaves and clip-ins extensions in textures like Afro Kinky and my favourite Kinky Straight and found that I really enjoyed the versatility of them.

Since my big chop I have been wearing natural hair extensions for the last 2 years off and on to prevent over manipulation of my natural 4c texture hair as well as a form of protective styling, and within 2 years I’ve gone from a TWA to armpit length of healthy, thick head of natural coils.  To be quite honest, I find wearing natural hair extensions far more easier than constantly managing my own coiffe.  Don’t get me wrong, I do all of my bi-weekly and monthly maintenance of my type 4 natural hair to ensure it’s optimal health like: deep conditioning, co-washing, protein treatments and moisturizing (based on how my hair feels) but I simply prefer to spend my time doing other things rather than spending hours on my hair. While I love my natural hair I am not my hair and neither are you. So I say to the natural hair Police, “You don’t know me, so please stop judging me!!!”

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