Tips on how to take down a protective style safely

Posted on 19 October 2017

We all pretty much know the how to’s and the do’s and don’ts of protective styling; however, many rarely discuss how to take down protective styles safely.

Here are a few tips that I live by when it comes to taking down my protective style. 

1. Be Gentle!

Be gentle – a gentle hand is always a must when taking down your protective styles. Nothing could be more worst than after several week of PSing in the attempt to give your hair a rest and retain length that on the take down you simply start carelessly ripping knots and tangles out of your hair. Using a product with slip while Gently removing braids, mini twists and knots can potentially save your strands from snapping mid shaft or being ripped from the roots, the product can allow the strands to easily glide against each other.


2. Detangle as you go!

Detangle as you go - this is one tip that will save you loads of frustration.  If you decide to wait to the end to detangle you may quickly become frustrated and possibly feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do.  Trying to work through an entire head of a tangle mess mixed in with loads of shed hair can be a sure recipe for frustration and disaster. A good suggestion is to work in sections. Part the hair in at least 4 or as many as you need but enough that each section is manageable, then get to work.


3. Be Patient!

Be patient - the proverbial saying goes - patience is a virtue; and it truly is when it comes to taking down a protective style. If you are in a rush, this is not the best time to attempt to take down your hair. I suggest allotting a day or an afternoon for removing your style, properly detangling and shampooing and conditioning your hair. Depending on your time and availability you may have to do your take down and detangling over several days, and this is ok too. Wait until you have the time, energy and the patience to allot to removing your protective style.  The lack of either of the three can result in unnecessary snapping and mid shaft breakage of your hair. 

The point of protective styling is to help you retain as much length as possible and to give your hair a break from constant manipulation, to lose what you had gained over the protective styling period would be futile because of things that could be avoided. Remember, be patient, detangle as you go, and be gentle, a sure recipe to ensure you keep the most hair on your head after a period of protective styling.



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