Top 3 Natural Hair bloggers & Vloggers that know how to rock a mini fro!

Posted on 29 November 2016

Everywhere I seem to look in the natural hair community I can’t help but see tons of discussions and post about how to grow long natural hair.  While there isn’t anything wrong with the desire to grow waist length hair, (heck I’m tryin’a do that too!), I often find that there isn’t much love given to the girls who rock their TWA’s fiercely. So I’ve decided to dedicate this post to some of my favourite natural hair bloggers and vloggers on the ‘Gram and YouTube who slay short tapered Fros like its nobodies business.

First up is Dayna @itsdaynadane, one part of a dynamic duo from ChicNaturalistas, who aim to promote the beauty of natural hair and fashion by showing natural ladies that their natural hair is beautiful and inspiring them to take risks with their style .Dayna @itsdaynadane,

This woman knows how to fiercely rock a fro with no apologies while doing it with elegance and class, embodying a true chic naturalista.


Next is Lisa a la mode @lisaalamode, this natural beauty not only talks beauty, and fashion, but business too. She's got beauty and brains and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to rocking her chic natural short cut with shaved sides. She sometimes pumps it up adding a little bit of pizzazz by adding extensions with a bit of colour.

Lisa a la mode @lisaalamode

As far as I know Lisa has done a second big chop and has been maintaining this look for a while now.

Lastly, is vlogger Avielle Amor, @avielleamor not only does she slay a fro but she also provides excellent tips and tricks on on her ever popular YouTube channel on maintaining a short healthy fro; in addition to knowing how to rock a Fro, she also knows how to beat a face.

Avielle Amor, @avielleamor

So if you’re looking for tiny weeny fro-spiration, look no further than these three ladies, their style and fierceness is bound to give you life!

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