Natural Human Hair Weave

Instantly transform your look instantly with xotica hair's natural human hair weave! We are proud to offer the best natural hair weave available anywhere.  Our salon-quality extensions are crafted from all-natural, 100% Virgin Remy human hair to leave them wondering - is that her real hair? One look at our premium quality weave, and you'll know why! Chances are good you've seen those bargain-priced weave advertised elsewhere, but those cheap imitations will only leave you and disappointed. We sell only the best Natural Hair Weave, period.  All of our weaves are made from 100% natural human hair for an all-natural look and feel that makes it virtually impossible to tell our extensions from your own hair! Don't waste your money on low-quality weave that look and feel lousy - invest in real, high-quality natural hair weave that is designed to mimic your own beautiful, natural hair texture.

Types of Natural Weave

Because no two women are exactly the same, we offer a wide range of natural hair textures. Whether you're looking for the tight, symmetrical texture of a 4A type, or you prefer a natural extension that looks just like your own type 3C hair, we have you covered.

Here's what you need to know about our Natural Hair Line:

Brazilian Kinky Curly Weave

Our Brazilian Kinky Curly is lightweight but offers sheer volume and is simply the best. It 100% virgin remy human hair processed for texture and comes in its natural hair colour. Don't be mistaken, this hair is for that woman with a big personality.

3B Kinky Curly Coily Weave

This weave mimics 3c texture hair with just a little bit more coily, tightness and pizazz. This hair is wonderfully coily and thick yet soft and bouncy.

Kinky Straight Weave

Our Kinky Straight Weave looks just like blown out 3c/4a textured hair. Showing lots of love to both our naturalistas and relaxed divas that love texture and want to create extra length and fullness. 

This hair can be washed, conditioned, colored or lightened, flat ironed, roller set, and more.

Coarse Yaki Weave

Our Coarse Yaki Clip-ins Hair Extensions are excellent for you natural girls, this texture mimics blown out  natural hair and offer tons of versatility. 

Not Sure What To Choose? Call or Email Us Now!

We can help you pick the perfect natural hair weave for you and the look you are trying to achieve. Just give us a call or send us an email letting us know what your current hair style is, the type of natural hair that you have, and what kind of look you're going for. Our team of hair experts will recommend the best products for you, giving you personalized service and advice, without the hassle of going to a salon!

Why dream about incredible hair when you could have it instantly? Order your all-natural, premium-quality Natural Hair Weave today!


Afro Kinky Curly Weave - 4B/4C Hair Texture

From $129.99 USD - $169.99 USD

Coarse Yaki Weave Sew In Hair Extensions

From $129.99 USD - $159.99 USD

Corkscrew Curls Weave - 3C/4A Hair Texture

From $129.99 USD - $159.99 USD

Kinky Curly Coily Weave - Half Bundle

From $86.95 USD - $92.95 USD

Kinky Straight Weave

$110.50 USD
$129.99 USD

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