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Kimali of Xotica Hair   

Hi my name is Kimali and I am the woman behind Xotica Hair. Like most women regardless of who they are and where they're from their hair is often seen as their crown and glory.

Several years back after cutting my dredlocs and experiencing temporary traction hair loss at my temples due to years of strain on my hairline from locs, I was in desperate search for a stylish alternate way of wearing my hair while I grew my hair back. I had always loved the look of long, luxurious hair on other women and was enamored by the idea of being able to change styles at a moment’s notice especially after 10 years of wearing my hair in dredlocs. 

This is where my obsession and odyssey with the hair extension industry began. 

After a year + of purchasing hair extensions from various online companies I kept running into 3 major problems. 

The first problem I experienced was the feeling of being burned and cheated by online hair extension companies and their “discount” pricing. Often when I thought I was getting a bargain on price I quickly realized the hair was of poor quality which was evident by the tangling and shedding it left on my shoulders and in my sink after washing it. 

This first problem quickly lead to the realization of the second problem which was the hair that was high quality was too expensive for me to afford and thus I could not change my styles as often as I had hoped. 

Lastly and most importantly, the hair extensions that were available on the market just didn't match my natural hair texture. Most textures available were very silky and catered to a more European market, often leaving me stuck trying blend my natural Afro Textured hair with a silky weave.

This became an opportunity for me as it was the catalyst which set me on a 2 ½ year journey to find the right partners, sources and manufacturers that would eventually help me in creating my own brand of quality, affordable, natural textured human hair extensions for Natural hair Black women, allowing us to be authentic to their own beauty. 



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