Hair Care Essentials

Please follow these Hair Care Tips to keep your new hair looking fabulous long term:

Kinky Curly & Afro Kinky Curly Texture Dos & Don’ts:

  • Always be gentle with your extensions
  • DON’T dry brush nor dry comb, dry combing and brushing will make the hair big.
  • Do brush with a Denman type brush or wide tooth comb ONLY when wet this will help the curls to clump for a more defined look and make detangling easier.
  • We DO NOT advise straightening curlier textures, as heat may adversely change the curl pattern
  • DO apply small amounts of hair lotions, anti-frizz creams, curly hair puddings or custards to the hair. Spritz daily or when needed with a water & leave-in conditioner mix
  • DO Co-wash weekly (for textures like Afro Kinky, co-wash and detangle frequently)
  • DO keep in mind, for kinky curly and afro kinky textures at wash the hair will stretch a bit, while still wet scrunch them up tightly from the bottom several times and allow to air dry

Curly Texture Maintenance:

  • DO always be gentle with the hair regardless of sew-in or clip-in extensions
  • DO Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf
  • DO moisturize lightly then braid/two strand twist hair in 4 sections at bedtime to avoid tangling
  • For clip-ins, if you decide to sleep in them, DO remove clips near the front perimeter of your head to avoid pulling and tension on the edges of your hair during sleep
  • DON’T put heavy oils & products on the hair
  • When bleaching or dying hair – DO use a good conditioner on a regular basis to deep condition coloured hair
  • DO Avoid blow drying; however if you have to, use a heat protectant and dry on low heat setting
  • DO always seal your wefts especially if you cut them
  • DO always comb from bottom to top of weft


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