Why Choose Xotica Hair

At Xotica Hair our aim and goal is have other ask you the infamous  question of "girl how long you been growing your hair" without anyone ever having the slightest inclination that you are wearing Xotica Hair's natural hair weave or natural hair clip ins.

The hair used for our extensions come from single source donors and are designed for long last and minimal shedding. The construction of our natural hair weave and natural hair clip in extensions are meticulously made, they are single drawn giving our natural hair weave and natural hair clip in a natural yet full look throughout the entire extension, they are also low lustre which assists in the overall look of the extensions to match with natural Afro textured hair.  Each and every bundle of Xotica Hair's natural hair weave and natural hair clip in extensions are inspected manually to insure quality assurance.  Xotica's natural hair weave and natural hair clip in extensions are the #1 clip ins for natural hair black girls and natural hair black women. We offer 5 natural texture hair extensions for black women that mimick every kink and curl pattern ranging from type 4A Hair Texture, 4B Hair Texture, 4C Hair Texture3B Hair Texture & 3C Hair Texture. With the option of both Afro texture weaves and Afro texture clipins you have an opportunity for both long term sew in wear and short term quick wear. In addition to the afro texture hair extension line, our Coarse Yaki and Kinky Straight clip in extensions have quickly become a favourite for naturalistas just like you, who are looking for different hair styles outside of their natural kinks. Our blown out texture hairs gives the best of both worlds, a combination of kinks and straight, again without looking unnatural like the other silky, shiny textures that just won't ever match a black woman's hair texture. These blown out natural hair weaves and blown out natural hair clip ins are for those that occasionally like the look of flat ironed hair, again without the hassle and fear of permanently damaging your curly kinks with heat. 

Here are is what sets Xotica Hair natural hair extensions apart from the rest:

  1. Highest quality of human hair and extension craftsmanship
  2. Most natural looking of all natural extensions on the market
  3. Comfortable and secure with no damage to your own hair
  4. Long lasting with minimal shedding if taken care of properly
  5. Affordable prices

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